Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control offer cockroach control services to homes and businesses throughout Melbourne including Doreen, Eltham, Greensborough, Epping, Diamond Creek, Doncaster, Hurstbridge & Whittlesea.

In Australia, two types of cockroaches are common.  The native cockroach which have many sub-species and the German cockroach.  Among the natives, not all of them are classified as pests.  The German variety is most certainly a pest as they live and breed in kitchens.

Cockroaches are widely detested causing fear and disgust for many people.  The smaller reddish-brown varieties with the flattened bodies are able to crawl into the most unlikely places and become household pests.  Their flattened bodies allow them to live and breed in the smallest of gaps in kitchen and food preparation areas.  By far the majority of cockroaches found in and around Melbourne are the native species and only a couple of varieties of these native species are classified as hygiene or pest status.

Problems Caused By German Cockroaches

  • They spread disease
  • They contaminate food and non-food areas with their discarded shells, droppings, egg cases and vomit
  • They can seriously harm a business’ reputation
  • They cause unpleasant odours.

Signs of Cockroach Activity

Cockroaches often venture out at night, when their population is still small you may not notice them but not before long an increase in numbers will begin to make their presence felt and you may notice them during the day.  Signs that indicate the presence of cockroaches are:

  • Droppings which resemble pepper within cupboards or drawers
  • Larger droppings up to 2mm
  • Casts or outer shells that have been discarded
  • Dark spots on utensils or dishes
  • Food that has gone stayle for no apparent reason.

What you can do to help prevent a cockroach infestation

  • Cockroaches can do without food for months, but they do like water. Therefore you can reduce the water content in your home by wiping the kitchen sink after each use
  • Take rubbish out every evening to prevent build-up of food particles
  • Seal cracks and entry points with mesh, we can advise on how best to do this
  • Store food off the ground and away from walls.


Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control offer a variety of chemical and non-chemical treatments for cockroach control.  We will inspect the site and find the best solution for your cockroach problem. Treatments include:

  • Exterior surface and garden treatments
  • Internal baiting treatments in conjunction with dusts and crack and crevice treatments
  • Glue boards
  • General sanitation advice on areas to help prevent further infestation.

Each site will be inspected and treated to help prevent any re-infestation, every situation is different and some treatments may work after just 1 visit and others may need a follow up visits.  Businesses that deal with food may require regular visits as they may unknowingly be bringing pests onto the premises.

Please feel free to contact us today to arrange a free quote or even just have a chat about your issue, we may be able to offer some helpful advice over the phone or by email.