Diamond Valley Termite and Pest Control offer bee and wasp control services to homes and businesses throughout Melbourne including Doreen, Eltham, Greensborough, Epping, Diamond Creek, Doncaster, Hurstbridge & Whittlesea.

Bees and wasps have a painful sting, producing histamine in the human body which can be life threatening in some cases.  It is important to be careful if you identify bees or wasps in or around your home or business.  Bees and wasps aren’t only annoying and harmful to your family, they can also be quite damaging to your home.  Bees and wasps often set up nests, hives or swarms in the cavities of building structures, this can require costly repairs if left for long periods of time.  A bee hive which is full of honey  can cause considerable damage to your home.  A wasp nest in a cavity of your home can eat at the plaster, if you see bubbling in your walls or ceilings don’t poke at it, you may get a nasty surprise.

How To Identify Bees & Wasps

European Wasps

European wasps are predominantly black on their front half, with yellow markings on their back half and black stripes and black dots down each side of their abdomen. They can nest in various cavities such as walls, ceilings, compost bins, trees or in the ground.


A dull shade of yellow or a golden brown colour with black stripes around their body and black legs. Bees often nest in trees or wall cavities, but can also nest in compost bins and cavities.

What to do if you have Bees or Wasps in or around your home


  • Our licensed, professional pest technicians use personal protective equipment to ensure safety.
  • Cautiously try to identify where the nest, hive or swarm is.  If you do locate the area stay well clear and remove your pets from the area.
  • Keep food sources ,especially sugar and protein inside and secure.  Bees and wasps feed on and are attracted to sugar and protein based foods. This includes pet food as well.